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Route Sponsors

This year, we are going to be selling route signs again. They are great to sell to local businesses and individuals to help increase your fundraising.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Approach a business (or even a co-worker or friend) and offer them the opportunity to display a message and/or their logo on a sign. The sign will be staked along the Walk route during the event for hundreds of people to see. Each sign costs $100.
  2. Fill out the Route Sign order form and provide the MS Society with the text and/or logo. Artwork is limited to 3 colors.
  3. Turn in your Route Sign order forms, along with the donors’ payments, to the National MS Society 2 weeks prior to your walk date. Deadlines for turning sign orders are listed below. Make all checks payable to the National MS Society.
  4. Look for the signs along the route on Walk day and be sure to retrieve your donors’ signs at the end of the event to give to them in appreciation for their support!

Download the Order Form (COMING SOON)

Who do I target?
It’s very important to approach the appropriate people when selling route signs. The purpose behind selling route signs is to provide a way for you to involve companies, businesses, friends, and family members who are NOT already donating to our cause. This way, we can branch out and offer a new way to involve people in Walk MS that benefits both the donor AND the MS Society. If you start selling signs to those that are already donating $100, we’ll actually be losing money since we’ll be paying for the cost of the sign.

Do I get fundraising credit?
YES! We’ll give you $100 of fundraising credit for each sign you sell.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Derek Hill at 336.299.4136 or

Thank you to our national sponsors

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Live Events

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