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Walk MS Fundraising Prizes

You will be rewarded with prizes for your fundraising efforts at or after the event. The prize deadline is May 2, 2014. Here's what you can earn!

$25   - Complimentary zoo ticket if participating in March 29th NC Zoo walk or complimentary lunch at the Greensboro, 
          Winston-Salem or Rockingham County walks

$125 - T Shirt

$250 - Tote bag

$500 - VIP Club Member & MS Tumbler

$1000 Gold VIP Prize - MS wearable

$7000 - Tour of Champions

$10,000 - Tour of Champions with a guest

VIP Club
Accept the VIP Club challenge and try to raise $500 or more to help create a world free of MS? Benefits for reaching the challenge includes: invitation to campaign VIP party, your name on the Virtual VIP Wall on the Walk MS website, and other special prizes and perks. Also, if your $500 is turned in at least two weeks prior to the event you will receive VIP parking! This is an individual fundraising challenge. Find out who's taken the challenge so far!

Tour of Champions
Participants who raise $7,000 are eligible to attend Tour of Champions or $10,000 to attend with a guest at no charge. Participants receive free travel and hotel accommodations. From there, they get to enjoy a weekend with other top fundraisers from across the Southeast. Tour of Champions participants from 2013 went to Amelia Island in January. For more info, contact

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Live Events

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