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Take the VIP Challenge!

Will you accept the VIP Club challenge and try to raise $500 or more to help create a world free of MS?

Benefits for reaching the challenge includes: invitation to post campaign VIP party, your name on the Virtual VIP Wall on the Walk MS website, and other special prizes and perks. Also, if your $500 is turned in at least two weeks prior to the event you will receive VIP parking! This is an individual fundraising challenge.

Contact to take the VIP Challenge today! 


VIP Club Members

Once you've accepted the Challenge you'll be listed below for all your friends and family to see that you've accepted the challenge and check on how you're doing!!

Fonda Absher
Breanna Abshire
Melissa Abshire
Arnita Allison
Nikki Anderson
Mary Apple
Teresa Apple
Mary Elizabeth Batten
Susan Bennett
Amy Berrier
Jerry Bolin
Mona Bostick
Makisi Brewer
Maseia Brewer
Rebecca Cacaci
Amelia Caison
Leslie Caison,
Bettina Campbell
Breanna Carter
Nicole Catherwood
Jocelyn Chrisley
Katie Coleman
Quinn Coleman
Emily Conner
Keshia Crite
Jeff Davis
Tamiko Escutia
Kristi Ford
Kaleb Freeland
Kathy Freeland
Lia Gilley
Matthew Hawotte
Rosemary Hawotte
Kimberly Heil
Doreen Henry-Lowe
Anita Hooker
Elizabeth Hoskins
Norell Johnston
Heather Jones
Elizabeth Kiser
Kristen Marsh
Amy Martin
Jason May
Jason May
Holly McBride
Trudy Menzzentto
Trudy Menzzentto
Sheila Money
Gina Murphy
Shannon Newman
Janet Palmer
Steve Palmer
Cory Phillips
Shelby Phillips
Amanda Ragsdale
Karla Rierson
Christina Rizos
Ronald Roe
Eleanor Russell
Barry Shell
Kim Shell
Cj Smith
Mandi Smith
Debbie Stacy
Joey Staten
Darlene Sweigard
Jessica Thomas
Joanie Tomar
Laurence Tomar
Pamela Turpin
Norma Williams
Jennifer Wilson
Britta Younts

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