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What Is MS?

Multiple sclerosis is a common disease of the central nervous system. Symptoms may range from numbness to paralysis. MS comes and goes unpredictably, leaving people to wonder, "Will I become paralyzed, blind or have trouble walking? Will I be able to raise my family and continue my career?" The progress, severity and specific symptoms of the disease cannot be foreseen. You never know when attacks will occur, how long they will last, or how severe they will be.

MS attacks myelin, the fatty material that insulates nerves. These plaques or lesions where myelin is damaged prevent nerves from transmitting impulses rapidly or efficiently and this produces various symptoms of MS. Lesions appear on MRIs as scar tissue. Hence, the term multiple sclerosis literally means many scars. The plaques appear at different times and in different areas of the brain and spinal cord, therefore affecting people differently. More information on MS

Locally, the Central North Carolina Chapter provides programs to over two thousand people with MS and their families.

About the Walk

  1. What do I need to bring to the Walk?
    Bring your contribution envelope to walker check-in, with or without contributions you've collected.

  2. How do I turn in money?
    Drop off or mail contributions any time to the National MS Society, 2211 W Meadowview Rd, Ste 30, Greensboro, NC 27407. Be sure to include the deposit slip from your fundraising kit or include your name so you'll get credit. You can also turn in contributions the day of the walk.

  3. What if it rains?
    We will walk rain or shine! If we have severe weather, the MS staff will be in contact with the National Weather Service. They will decide whether to postpone or cancel the walk. We ask for your cooperation as your safety is our primary concern.

  4. Do I have to raise money?
    The Modern Automotive Walk MS does not have a registration fee and there is not a fundraising minimum; however, the MS Society encourages each participating walker to fundraise. Each dollar raised will go to MS research and help fund local programs and services for the over two thousand people in our area with MS. Each walker that raises $125 receives the Walk MS t-shirt, and the average walker raises $207. ***Note: Free Zoo Entry is only given to walkers who've raised $25)

  5. Can I bring my contributions the day of my walk?
    YES! You can turn in your contributions before, the day of, and after your walk.

  6. Is the route handicapped accessible?
    Yes, each location will have a handicapped accessible route.

  7. How should my contributors make out their checks?
    Make checks payable to the National MS Society.

  8. How long do I have to turn in my money?
    Contributions must be turned in or postmarked by May 17, 2013 to be eligible for prizes. However, we always gladly accept donations!

  9. Is there something I can give my contributors who want a receipt?
    A pad of receipts for donations less than $250 is included in this packet. We will send a tax letter for donations of $250 or more.

  10. If I'm on a team, do I have to register individually?
    Yes. Please be sure to include your team name.

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    A compelling personal page attracts and engages supporters. While you can spread the word using customized e-mail solicitations, your personal campaign page can be your own creative expression of your commitment to the cause. Customize your page by selecting the layout and style that work best for you. Utilize the elements of text, photo and status indicators to their fullest advantage.

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